WordPress Beginners: 7 ways to promote your blog content

WordPress Beginners: 7 ways to promote your blog content

Online Marketing has never been easier than it is today. All you need is a few strategies to get you on the map and you’re home free, or so people think.  The thing with online marketing in today’s market is that easy as it may be, it is highly competitive. Companies have to get creative with their online marketing strategies if they want to get their message to consumers in this digitally driven world. One way for companies to optimize their presence in the market is using blogs to drive users to their websites. But how do you get users to read your blogs especially if you’re new to the niche? Here are seven ways how.

Keeping the Content up to Standard

Remember, the only reason your targeted audience will spend their time digging through your blog is if what you have to offer is interesting, informative and well-written. To promote your blog content, make your pieces stand out so that people click on it with their searches. Also, don’t forget to make it original; nobody wants to read something that they read a week ago.

Churn the Content out regularly

So, you’ve posted your first article. It has been liked and shared by a multitude of users, all of whom are waiting for your next piece. Don’t disappoint them. To generate more traffic to your blog, you need to keep it updated so that your subscribers have something to share with their friends.

Write for others

This might be a bit contrary at first. You have a blog and product to promote, so what are you doing blogging for others? The answer is that you’re marketing yourself. Blogging for companies related to yours help you build a reputation which you can use to garner a following. A blogger following could be just what your site needs when you start writing it. Additionally, you can advertise your own blog on another site as a guest blogger.

Take advantage of Social Media Sites

Google+, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter; these are some of the best marketing tools available today. You can share your posts on your social media profiles or on pages where your target audience belong. Sites like YouTube allow you to be more engaged with your audience while email allows you to gain subscribers and a following. Also, adding buttons that allow others to share your articles makes getting an internet presence that much easier.

Tailor your Blog Page

The first thing that registers in a user’s mind when they go to a page is how it looks. Find a WordPress theme that goes with your message, creates a lasting impression and is easy to navigate to generate more readers.

Choose and use good Keywords

Long-tail, informative keywords help with Google rankings and make people find your blog faster. That, in turn, results in more people reading your blog. The lesson here: pick your keywords wisely.

Optimize the visibility of your blog

Once you have excellent keywords, use them to optimize the visibility of your blog. Ensure your keywords reflect on your URL, headings and meta description. Make your meta description and your title tag headlines powerful, catchy and informative and you will be on your way to getting more readers every day.

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