Everything You Need To Know About The 6 New Google Algorithm Updates

The digital world is driven by search engine optimization or otherwise known as (SEO).  Basically, SEO is the key to ranking higher and getting all the traffic while building authority for your brand.  If you are still not visible on Google and want to improve your rankings, it definitely pays off to know some of the latest algorithm updates by Google.

The truth is, the Google algorithm updates happen on a regular basis and for a good reason – to let only the most knowledgeable and experienced business to act and enjoy the top rankings.  Today, we are listing some of the most important ones and helping you get back on track.

1. Google Panda
The Panda algorithm was released in early 2011 and has been mainly linked to duplicate content issues. In a nutshell, your website shouldn’t have any duplicate content in order to rank higher and secure the first positions on Google.

2. Google Penguin
The Penguin update is younger than Panda and is mainly concerned with the backlinks your site is receiving. The more (high-quality and relevant) backlinks your site has, the better your rankings will be.

3. Google Pigeon
Third on the list is Google Pigeon – released in July 2014 and linked with local search, In a nutshell, Pigeon is all about ranking your business locally, so that Google can provide targeted answers to its users (ex. for questions like ‘where is my nearest flower shop)

4. Google Hummingbird
Hummingbird is one of Google’s most ambitious update and one that focuses on semantic search – taking into account each individual word of a search query. This also helps you rank for voice searches and puts emphasis on the content that your website is producing.

5. Google Pirate
Pirate is all about piracy and copyright content. It is mainly oriented to torrent sites that are illegally streaming content that is protected by copyright laws. However, it can apply to many other industries – so watch out.

6. Google Phantom
This algorithm update affects the quality of your website – and sees the diversity of content present on it. From videos to images and other types of content, it also crawls through descriptions and sees how well you are optimizing every bit of your website.

In the end, all of these algorithm updates are crucial if you want to rank high on Google. It is more than likely that each of them will continue to evolve – so make sure to stick to them and maximize your SEO value.

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