Grow Media is made up of a team of Web Designers and Full Stack Web Developers.

We partner with some of New Zealand’s top marketing agencies and lead web designers in the contemporary Maori Arts services.

What we put into your business is how we would treat our own and we do this by focusing on creating the solutions you seek for your business by getting to know your product your services and those you are serving/end users.

If you have an idea, we can help!

Our world is evolving into a digital space, you might be asking yourself if your business is ready to make the next move to the online market there is no better time to start.Staying connected through online business is the way to go to reach not only a national audience but a world audience and we are here to help you achieve that.

Andrew Peterson

Full Stack PHP and Ruby Developer

Andrew has spent over 17 years in developing front end and backend solutions for Government entities and comes with a wealth of experience. Expertise: Vanilla Javascript, Angular 2, ReactJS, C, Java, PHP, Scala, Ruby, Rails, Obj-C, Core Data, TDD. Can both rapidly prototype ideas and maintain complex legacy codebases.
web developer full stack
Bogdan Dumea

Full Stack PHP Developer

Web Application Developer, Database Administrator and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using PHP and SQL servers. Always interested in migration projects, pixel perfect designs and top notch web services.
Jasmine Tasouki

UX Designer, iOS/Android mobile apps, Full Stack Developer

Jasmine has developed several business complex mobile applications and their backends (API). I'm a fan of making data meaningful and easy to access, especially using Open Source tools. I enjoy bridging the gap between technical issues and non-technical personnel in addition to analyzing business logic to arrive at achievable, logical and comprehensive development goals.


Graphic Design
UX Design


HTML 5 Canvas
PHP, Ruby On Rails
Front-End Framework
Native Applications


Visual Design
Brand Strategy
Process & Exploration
Branding Manual


Google Adwords
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Research Analysis