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Grow Media is a Web Design New Zealand company that takes pride in providing beautiful websites which are designed from the ground up.  

Our process and approach to web design enables our team to create some of the most beautiful, functional and intuitive websites.  We create custom websites built from scratch that not only look great, but also meet the specific needs of your users.

However, a website should not only look good, it must successfully fulfil its functionality and that’s why our web development team works closely with the design and marketing team, thus ensuring the exposure and communication is what you need in the online environment.

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Website Design to Suite your Customer needs

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to website design, and that’s why we don’t use templates. Instead, we design beautiful and intuitive websites specific to a client’s individual business needs. We take the time to learn about your business, your market and your requirements so we can implement a solution that will grow your business in a meaningful way and help you stand out from the crowd.

A blend of art & science

Great website design needs to be both functional and beautiful. We pair our robust UX design capability that uncovers genuine user needs, creates the right user flows and delivers functionality that is intuitive and seamless; with industry leading creative capability that creates a user interface designed to delight customers every time they visit your website.

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A beautiful website with solid foundations

We’re proud of our award-winning website design work, but we know that intuitive and beautiful design is nothing without robust, secure code. We understand that form and function need each other, so all of our websites are put together with specialist front end and server side developers working in collaboration with our designers to ensure our creative vision is brought to life with the highest of standards.

Mobile first but optimised for all devices

For most businesses, mobile traffic now exceeds desktop, so having a website that’s consistent across all devices is not optional for businesses anymore. We design responsive websites that scale and resize to give users a consistently perfect experience across all devices, whether that’s your iPhone, an Android tablet or your old Windows XP computer.

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Powerful content management

We understand the need to manage your website in-house, so all of our websites are backed with a powerful, intuitive CMS designed specifically for your needs. We love using the platforms that give us the freedom to express ourselves and deliver you the best possible outcomes. We’re experienced with SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal and other open-source CMS platforms.  Using open source software ensures there are no monthly licensing fees for you and that in the future you can take your website to any other PHP developer should the need arise.